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ildiko mikos 

Traveler, Foodie,

Wine Drinker, Art Lover

I'm an empty nester and physician who lives to eat, loves the arts, and works to travel! Born in Buffalo, New York, I'm a first-generation immigrant of Hungarian descent, married to a first-generation Greek. As such, our travels very frequently take us throughout Europe, but also to Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and now Africa. I most often stay at charming boutique hotels, Bed&Breakfasts, or Airbnbs and seek out quality at an affordable price. I would love to share tips with you on how to plan a trip, find unique lodgings, and travel safely.

I enjoy cooking and re-creating the delicious ethnic flavors which I taste on my travels. Cuisine, allows me to continue experiencing cultures once I return home. I especially love to cook Hungarian and Greek foods to carry on the culinary traditions handed down by our families. I'll share many recipes with you from simple and rustic to urban and sophisticated.

Both during travel and at home I seek out and engage in ALL cultural offerings. I especially love watching operas, both on television and at many beautiful opera houses. I love listening to concerts in original Roman theaters and elegant symphony halls, viewing exhibits in countless museums worldwide, and exploring the multitude of exciting archaeological sites. From Egypt to Greece to Roman to Renaissance to the European Enlightenment ... I'M INSATIABLE!  I will share tips with you on how to enjoy the arts and engage in history. 

Come indulge in my passions with me and let's savor the niceties of life together!!


Thanks for reaching out. I'll be in touch shortly!

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