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Apple Strudel (Almás Rétes; Hungarian)


Apple Squares (Almás Lepény; Hungarian) 

Biscotti (Italian)

Challah (Jewish)

Farmer Cheese Dumplings (Túros Gombóc; Hungarian)

Jam-filled Crepes (Lekváros Palacsinta; Hungarian) 

Plum Dumplings (Szilvás Gombóc; Hungarian)

Poppyseed roll (Mákos Beigli; Hungarian)

Sour Cherry Strudel (Meggyes Rétes; Hungarian)

Sweet Cheese Crepes (Túros Palacsinta; Hungarian)

Sweet Yeast Bread (Kalács; Hungarian)

Tiramisu (Italian)

Walnut roll (Diós Beigli; Hungarian)

*downloadable PDF available in each blog

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